Important dates in the life of Mikhail Roginsky

Born in Moscow

  • 1946 –1950  Studied at Moscow Municipal Art School under M. S.  Perutsky
  • 1950–1951  Studied at the “Memory of 1905” Moscow Regional Art School with a degree as a “theater artist”
  • 1950–1953  Served in the army
  • 1954–1960  Worked as a theater artist in Severodvinsk, Lysva, Pskov, and Zlatoust
  • 1963–1969  Taught at the Moscow Municipal Art School on Kropotkinskaya Street
  • 1969–1976 Taught at the N. K. Krupskaya People's Distance Learning University of the Arts
  • 1960s – 1970s  Took part in many apartment exhibitions and in semi-official showings of nonconformist art
  • 1978 Emigrated to France
  • 1993 First trip to Moscow after his long absence
  • 5 June 2004 Died in Paris

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